Party Platter Menu


Bacon Wrapped Platters

Individual platters of your choice of: bacon wrapped almond stuffed dates, bacon wrapped water chestnuts, bacon wrapped scallops.

Deviled Eggs

Delicious platter of deviled eggs.

Cheese & Grapes

Cheese and Grape platter featuring a variety of cubed cheeses served with grapes and crackers.

Mini Quiche

Mini quiche in a puff pastry shell.

Hot Wings

Hot wings in mild BBQ, teriyaki or spicy hot sauce.

Meatballs & Smokies

Cocktail meatballs and smokies. Marinades include: teriyaki, sweet chili, and barbeque.

Meat & Relish Tray

Meat & relish tray served with quality meats, cheeses and accompaniments.

Fresh Fruit Platter

Decoratively displayed fresh fruits served with poppyseed yogurt sauce.

Fresh Veggie Platter

Fresh veggie display with ranch-herb dipping sauce.

Bite Sized Wraps

A beautiful platter of bite sized wraps, variety includes meats, veggies and cream cheeses.

Chicken Bites

Chicken bites with your choice of marinade; Thai peanut, sweet chili, teriyaki, and barbeque

Toasted Crostinis

Mango & Crab

Mango and crab toasted crostinis with sweet peppers.

Beef & Kiwi Crostinis

Beef and kiwi toasted crostinis with cream cheese.

Blue Cheese Toasted Crostini

Blue cheese crostinis with blue cheese and grapes.

Cheese Crisps

Cheese crisps with three cheese mousse toasted crostinis.


Beverage Options

Coffee, tea, punch, iced tea, and soda service available.

Beer, Wine, and Spirits

We are Washington State licensed to cater beer, wine and spirits for your event. Please call for further information.